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Open Mon-Fri: 8:00AM to 5:00PM, Sat: 8:00AM to 1:00PM

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Recommended products

Helpful Pet Products We Recommend

There are a lot of great pet products and accessories available today to make life easier for you and your pet. We recommend these products because we know they have been helpful for other pets and their owners. There are other options for similar products available, and we encourage you to choose the product that’s best for you.

While we don’t carry these items in the hospital, if you have any questions about the product or wonder if it is right for your pet, please feel free to call us at (406) 333-7001.

Collars, leashes, harnesses & more

Tractive: Collar with GPS tracker.

Dublin Dog Koa Collars: Coated collars to help with bacterial skin infections and smell, available online.

Lion Country Supply: Inexpensive collars with attached name plate.

C3 Collar Leash Combo

Help-em Up Harness: These are incredibly helpful in geriatric dogs with mobility issues.

Doggon’ Wheels: We have had great success with this wheelchair supply company.

Gentle Leader: Helps with dogs who pull on the leash.


Dematting tool: This grooming tool works well for breaking up matts; choose one that is sized appropriately for your pet.

Clippers: We use these clippers in the clinic because they have a small blade that can get between toes.

Paw cleaner: We tell doodle owners and pets with furry toes that trap mud and snow about these; there are many options available online.

Protective gear

Rex Specs: For eye conditions that need eye protection.

Lewis Dog Boots: For hunting dogs.

Outfox Mask: Cheatgrass protection.

Food, feeders & dental chews

Slow Feeders: Help slow down dogs who gulp food, ideally stainless steel or ceramic because plastic can sometimes cause a reaction in a pet’s mouth. Available on our online store or other retailers.

Just for Dogs: AFFCO Feeding trial fresh/homemade dog food.

Check-ups: For maintaining canine dental health. Costco sometimes carries these, and they are available from online retailers.

Calming aids

Adaptil pheromones for dogs, available on our online store or other retailers.

Felaway pheromones for cats, available on our online store or other retailers.

ThunderShirts: Can be helpful for dogs with anxiety, limited availability on our online store or choose from a larger variety at other retailers.